Municipal Riverfront Development District

With the intent to encourage the development of arts, cultural activities, and fine dining within the Central Business District, and as per the Indiana Code Sections 7.1-3-20-16 and 7.1-3-20-16.1, the City of Anderson has established a Municipal Riverfront Development Project in the downtown area.

This designation allows business owners located in this area to purchase alcoholic beverage permits without regard to the quota provisions of Indiana Code 7.1-3-22.

Permit Restrictions

Applicants must comply with all requirements and controls imposed by Indiana statues, specifically stated in 905 1AC 1-41-2 and the City of Anderson Zoning Ordinance. Other restrictions to obtain these permits are as follows:
  • If a for-profit establishment, the business must have a history of $200,000.00 annually in food receipts or projection of this amount if a new business.
  • If a not-for-profit establishment:
    • The proposed permit premises is located in a building or structure which is designated historical
    • The proposed permit premises is used primarily in connection with a community-based activity or event that is artistic or cultural in nature, including, but not limited to, music, including folk, contemporary, classical or jazz, theater, including media arts, dance, including contemporary or ballet; painting, sculpture; and architecture; and which may be eligible for funding from the Indiana Arts Commission pursuant to IC-4-23-2.
Required Application Documents
In order to be considered for the permit, a completed application with the following documents must be submitted to the Alcohol and Tobacco Commission:
  1. A detailed map showing the definite boundaries of the entire municipal riverfront development project and the location of the proposed permit within the project
  2. A copy of the local resolution of the local governing body authorizing the municipal riverfront development project
  3. Detailed information concerning the expenditures of state and city funds on the municipal riverfront development project
  4. A listing of the types of events being held at the proposed permit premises
  5. Information concerning historical characteristics of the permit premises, if applicable
The application is available at the website. All other documents needed for the application process are available through the Economic Development Department.
Anderson IN Riverfront District