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  • Basic Information

    1. Disclaimer
      The Available Properties listing is a free service offered by the City of Anderson Economic Development Department. Our sole purpose is to facilitate economic growth by finding prospective businesses or organizations locations in Anderson that best meet their needs. We are not a third party leasing agency receiving commission for any arrangement made. In order to receive these services, land owners or brokers must provide us continually updated listings with clearly explained price ranges, high resolution photographs, and allow us access to the property to better understand and clearly communicated the logistics to the representative clientele. We reserve the sole right to take down any information from the website or to end these services at any given time without due notice.
    2. Please answer as many questions as possible.
      It enables us to submit your property for new project leads if we have detailed information about the property on file. Some questions are only applicable to existing building listing and not vacant land. Please only fill out the fields applicable to your listing. Please call Ayako Girt at 765-648-6114 with any question.
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